Lantaca – Managing, Securing, Analysing Networks

We are a start-up company specialising in cloud based security solutions for modern networks. Lantaca has a heritage in IT, born out of VBT IT Solutions, who have been managing servers, people and their companies IT needs for over 20 years across Ireland.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a chat or to meet up.  We are passionate about what we do and more than happy to tell you more about ourselves. We are on Twitter and Google+ where you can follow what we like to talk about.

The Lantaca 15 product has been developed inhouse and lets you manage the internet experience on your network with policies to put you in control of your Guest Wi-Fi network. Manage flexible, location-aware policies with specific content categories, Google SafeSearch and an unlimited number of custom lists. Lantaca informs end-users of the policy with branded, block pages, and offers a feature that enables approved, delegated users to bypass these pages.


Lantaca Are:

Dave Kerr

Dave is a co-founder and CEO of Lantaca. He has worked in the IT sector for over 25 years now and currently manages Vision Business Technology (VBT) a network integration company he co-founded. He has held various roles from operations director to sales director.

Derek Conniffe

Derek Conniffe is a co-founder and CTO of Lantaca. Derek has been developing software applications for 28 years and has developed applications that are widely used throughout Europe and the US. Derek is currently a director of a number of technology companies.

Maciej Goszczycki

Maciej has recently joined the Lantaca team as a software developer. He has won numerous awards for software projects in the past.

Advisory Board

Richard Rodger

When Richard co-founded nearForm in 2011, he wanted to create a very special team of technology professionals who, like him, wouldn’t be happy with the deliver-first, patch-later approach. Today, nearForm is one of the world’s leading providers of large-scale Node.js and microservices solutions for enterprises.

Richard’s first book, ‘Mobile Application Development in the Cloud’ was published by Wiley in 2011, and his next book, ‘The Tao of Microservices’, is being published by Manning and is due out in Fall 2016.

Darragh Stokes

Darragh co-founded Hardiman Telcoms in 1997 where his senior managing partner. He leads an expert team specialising in due diligence advisory and strategic operational consulting services. Market segments are Wireline, Wireless, Cable TV, Broadcast, TowerCo and FibreCo across the EMEA, GCC, AsiaPac.

Specialties include mergers & acquisitions – commercial and technical due diligence, operational and strategic assessment and implementation

Lantaca Head Office

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